I am Shannon Muruli Courage Coach To Women In Sales.

I Started Out Selling Prepaid Legal Services In Parking Lots.

It was definitely my era of “by any means necessary” selling.

Despite being labeled as "shy" during my childhood and silently tussling with what I refer to as  "Environmental Based Shyness" well into adulthood, I’ve been immersed in the realm of sales for over a decade. From customer service sales, leasing sales, direct sales, door-to-door sales, business to business sales, healthcare sales, sales management and wait for it…I once delivered an awards worthy sales presentation to about a dozen construction workers inside of an empty pool.

So when I tell you that my courage over comfort coaching can help you untether from your comfort zone so you can serve more and sell more, I mean it.

In less than a year, I transitioned from an individual contributor role to Regional Sales Manager, where I had the privilege of overseeing a team of over a dozen sales representatives spread across multiple states. What's remarkable is that I inherited this underperforming region, initially ranked last among five, and elevated it to the coveted #1 position.

That is why when I hear new and seasoned sales reps whose sales are low say that their market is saturated and people are not interested in buying their product or service, I say…

Here’s the thing: people opt for a premium coffee at a higher price when there are budget options available, it's about the perceived value. So, in a seemingly saturated market, your prospects will invest in what you offer if there’s a unique value that resonates with them.

People Need What You Sell. But They Want You To Serve Them, Not Sell Them.

Your customers aren't just looking for your product, service or offer; they're seeking your solution.

Instead of focusing solely on selling, position yourself as a dedicated service provider, meeting their needs and surpassing expectations.

It takes courage over comfort because prioritizing service over sales requires stepping outside the familiar and sometimes challenging traditional sales approaches.

It involves actively listening, understanding individual needs, and exceptional customer service.

Choosing to serve demands vulnerability, empathy, and a commitment to building genuine relationships rather than simply closing transactions.

It challenges the comfort of conventional sales routines and necessitates the courage to connect with customers on a deeper, more personal level.

You Can’t Serve Them, If You’re Avoiding Them.

Your ability to serve more and sell more is diminished when you decide to align with fear induced behavior like

Procrastination, a common companion, often finds its way into crucial tasks like making calls, sending proposals, and following up with clients.

The fear of rejection lurks in the shadows, leading to hesitation in reaching out to potential clients and avoiding those challenging sales conversations.

Networking events become uncharted territories, missed opportunities for forging new business relationships.

Cold calling, a vital part of the sales landscape, is met with resistance, hindering direct communication with potential clients.

The reluctance to self-promote and the avoidance of difficult conversations further shape this narrative.

Perfectionism delays action. Waiting for the stars to align may cause missed opportunities along the way.

Excuse-making becomes a familiar dance, and the comfort zone, a refuge from the uncertainties of innovation.

Cultivating a courage over comfort mindset to confront these characteristics is pivotal for women in sales who want to overcome avoidance behaviors, cultivate self-awareness, and chart a course toward more opportunities to serve and sell.

The Women Who Cultivate The Courage To Untether From Their Comfort Zones Will Serve More & Sell More.

That’s how top tier women in sales think. That’s how I think.

I've excelled in the various sales roles and the clients I've assisted with the products or services I've sold were all guided by that very mindset.

In one of my corporate sales roles, I orchestrated a remarkable transformation, elevating my territory by 900% in less than 90 days.

 While in direct sales, an entrepreneurial sales role, I successfully built a sales team of 200 within a 12-month timeframe, without any fancy tech, just a serve more, sell more mindset.

I will help you face the fears, frustrations and habits that are keeping you tethered to your comfort zone.

I have helped dozens of women in sales serve more and sell more.

I can help you, too.

"Disrupting narratives that are keeping you tethered to your comfort zone is a strategic investment into your ability and capacity to serve more and sell more"

Testimonial: In Less Than 6 months, of working With Shannon, I grew my sales by 300% and my commissions by 125%.

In 2021, I started working with Shannon. I shifted gears from furniture decor sales to a remote outside sales role in the healthcare industry. In less than 6 months, my territory and my commissions skyrocketed by over 425%.

I discovered how to communicate with each of my accounts with a perfect blend of what Shannon calls “Guts and Grace”.

Do whatever it takes to join Shannon’s one-on-one Courage Over Comfort Coaching.  -Winsome Alexander

“It Is Time To Cultivate The Courage To Untether From Your Comfort Zone, So You Can Serve Those Who Are Waiting For What You Sell.”

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